The new SL: the legendary sports car now in miniature for collectors' display cabinets

DAIMLER AG - Car enthusiasts have been dreaming of owning their own Mercedes-Benz SL for 60 years. But it is not just the genuine article in the garage that provokes covetous looks. High-grade miniatures of this luxury sports car have also long been sought after. Following the market launch of the new SL, the Mercedes-Benz Collection now includes the roadster – faithfully reproduced in every detail, down to the original paintwork – as 1:87, 1:43 and 1:18 scale models.

The miniatures boast the classic SL proportions and an incredible attention to detail covering everything from the air outlets to the lovingly recreated interior. Developed using the original CAD data, the hand-assembled precision models are extraordinarily faithful to the original and comprise up to 104 component parts. The roadster roof is enclosed separately.

These collectors' models, produced in partnership with the well-known manufacturers Herpa and Norev, are available from Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlets, Mercedes-Benz dealerships, the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the online shop (www.shop.mercedes-benz.com).
All model cars in the Mercedes-Benz Collection come in Mercedes-Benz designer packaging. A screwdriver is enclosed with the 1:18 scale models, allowing the model to be removed from its screw-fastened packaging with the minimum of fuss. The cars also come with a glove to protect the miniature from fingerprints.