Infiniti Canada and Luciani Automobiles celebrate grand opening of the largest Infiniti dealership in North America

NISSAN CANADA - On April 25, Allen Childs, President Nissan Canada Inc., Wendy Durward Director of Infiniti Canada, and the Luciani family gathered at an event to celebrate the official grand opening of the largest Infiniti dealership in North America. Located at 4000 Jean-Talon West in Montréal, the extensively renovated Infiniti Luciani facility spans an incredible 90,000 sq. ft. and contains a multitude of new features to carry the themes of luxury, technology and hospitality throughout the building.

The renovated Luciani Infiniti dealership, appropriately nicknamed, "Temple de l'automobile," adheres to the Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative (IREDI), a global design concept which features forms that are energetic and modern with an accent on natural materials and open lighting. The vastness of the facility, coupled with its modern design, render the dealership fit to accommodate special events of artistic nature, whether it be art exhibitions, or intimate concerts. In this regard, Luciani Infiniti's new complex truly embodies "inspired performance" and can bring this brand value to customers in a very distinct way.

Key features of the new Luciani facility include: two commodious showrooms, enclosed parking to accommodate 200 vehicles, 14 service bays, nine wash bays, a customer café-bistro with wireless internet access, advanced diagnostic and repair equipment, express service areas, and a 3,500 sq. ft. mezzanine.

The grand opening celebration also marked the arrival of model year 2013 vehicles, including the star of the evening, the all-new Infiniti JX luxury crossover

From left-to-right: Allen Childs, President Nissan Canada Inc., with members of the Luciani Family; Camillo Luciani, President of Luciani Automobiles (center) and Wendy Durward, Director of Infiniti Canada

At 90,000 sq. ft., the new Infiniti Luciani dealership in Montréal is the largest Infiniti dealership in North America

"Beautiful, inspired design isn't limited to Infiniti vehicles; we strive to incorporate those elements into every customer touch point, including the physical presence of our dealerships," says Wendy Durward, Director, Infiniti Canada. "The new look and feel of Luciani Infiniti aligns perfectly with Infiniti's brand identity. It encompasses our dynamic vehicle lineup, and supports our Infiniti Total Ownership Experience customer care philosophy wherein we strive to always exceed our customers' expectations."

With over 50 years of experience in the automotive field, Mr. Camillo Luciani, President of Luciani Automobiles – a family owned and operated business - has built a solid reputation in the automotive industry for his company's integrity, competence and reliability. 

The Luciani family largely attributes its success to their unwavering commitment to best serve their customers and employees. The grand opening celebration was well-attended and involved customers touring the dealership, being some of the first in the community to see the all-new 2013 Infiniti JX luxury crossover up close. In line with Infiniti's expanded partnership with Red Bull racing, the championship-winning RB8 Formula One racing car was also on prominent display.

"We believe in the Infiniti brand and its incredible vehicles which have become synonymous with the highest levels of quality, durability and elegance," says Camillo Luciani, President of Luciani Automobiles. "We wanted to offer consumers an environment that is up to the mark, featuring the latest advancements in architecture, interior design and service technology. This stunning new facility accomplishes all of those aims, and we look forward to continuing to deliver on our promise to provide the best sales and service experience in the industry."