Nissan reports Canadian January sales

NISSAN CANADA - Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI) reported last Friday January sales results of 4,622 units, a decrease of 13.6 per cent over the same month last year. The Infiniti brand enters the new calendar year with a solid sales start, reporting 521 deliveries, up 42.7 per cent versus January 2012. Nissan sales totalled 4,101 last month, a year-over-year decrease of 17.7 per cent.
Two core Nissan products continue to achieve year-over-year sales gains since their market launch last fall as all-new models. The completely redesigned Pathfinder SUV's sales of 399 was an increase of 35.7 per cent. Sales of the new Nissan Sentra compact sedan reached a sales increase of 7.5 per cent in January, with 759 units sold.
The all-electric Nissan LEAF posted solid January results with 37 units sold, and Nissan's commercial vehicles continue to gain popularity in the Canadian market - up 44.3 per cent over January 2012. Sales of the Titan full-size pickup truck rose 14.4 per cent in January to 167 units, and sales for Nissan's "4 door sports car," the Maxima, are strong at 103 units, up 17.0 per cent.
Infiniti has embarked on a new brand strategy, and this era of transformation and growth is off to a positive start with January sales totalling 521 - an increase of 42.7 per cent over January 2012. Year-over-year sales of the EX compact crossover more than doubled with 124 units sold, and the M sedan achieved a 100.0 per cent increase versus January 2012.
NCI January 2013 sales highlights

Ø  Infiniti brand posted sales of 521 units, up 42.7 per cent
Ø  Sales of the Infiniti EX luxury compact crossover more than doubled with 124 units sold, up 103.3 per cent
Ø  The Infiniti M line had an increase of 100.0 per cent with 26 units sold
Ø  Nissan Pathfinder sales rose 35.7 per cent at 399 units
Ø  Nissan Sentra recorded strong sales of 759 units, up 7.5 per cent
Ø  The Rogue crossover is the top-selling product in the Nissan portfolio with sales totaling 823
Ø  The Nissan Titan full-size pickup truck up 14.4 per cent at 167 units sold
Ø  Nissan's commercial vehicle lineup sales of 88 equaled an increase of 44.3 per cent
Ø  The fully-electric Nissan LEAF's sales rose 23.3 per cent with 37 units sold