Toyota Canada Inc. reports January sales

TOYOTA CANADA - For the month of January, TCI sold 9,438 vehicles, down 11.5% versus 2012. A key factor in the decline was a shortage of RAV4 inventory, in advance of the scheduled mid-February launch of the all-new 2013 RAV4. 

Results from January included an increase of 169.2% in sales of the all-new Toyota Avalon, in its first full month of sales. 

Among other highlights, there was continued growth for TCI hybrids, with a new January record of 853 vehicles sold (up 30.4%), led by a record January for the Prius family (up 63.1%) and Lexus hybrids (up 23.5%). 

Toyota sales highlights for January 2013 (vs. 2012)

• Toyota sales: 8,333
o        Toyota passenger car sales: 4,772
o        Avalon sales: 105 (up 169.2%)

• Toyota truck sales: 3,561
o        Tacoma 4x4 sales: 552 :: New January record (up 12.7%)
o        Tundra 4X4 sales: 435 (up 16%)
o        FJ Cruiser sales: 47 (up 9.3%)

• Toyota hybrid sales: 664 (up 32.5%):: Hybrids represented 8% of Toyota sales in January
o        Prius family sales: 429 :: New January record (up 63.1%)  
* Prius Plug-in Hybrid :: 33 :: best month ever
* Prius c sales: 106 :: Accounted for 21.8% of overall Toyota subcompact sales in January
o        Camry Hybrid sales: 176 (up 7.3%)

"As both the logical choice with dependable, long-lasting vehicles, we're also the inspired choice with a new generation of vehicles," said Larry Hutchinson, Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc. "The all-new Avalon with its stylish and sportier exterior, more refined interior, and more engaging driving experience is just the beginning for a year that will feature exciting new vehicles like the 4th generation RAV4."

Lexus sales highlights for January 2013 (vs. 2012)

• Lexus luxury car sales: 359 (up 9.1%)
o        GS 350 sales: 41 :: New January record (up 412.5%)
o        ES sales: 117 (up 34.5%)

• Lexus hybrid sales: 189 :: New January record (up 23.5%) :: Hybrid models accounted for 23.2% of Lexus sales in January

"The GS has been a tremendous success and there will be plenty more excitement in 2013," said Cyril Dimitris, Director, Lexus Canada. "The IS has been completely redesigned – inside and out – to provide a fresh example of our elegant new Lexus design language. Visit the Toronto auto show to see the 2014 IS."
Scion sales highlights for January 2013 (vs. 2012)

Scion sales: 290 :: New January record (up 1.8%)

"We're pleased that Canadians continue to demonstrate their enthusiasm for Scion vehicles," said Cyril Dimitris, Director, Scion Canada.