This long weekend your brain is your vehicle’s most important safety feature

TOYOTA CANADA - Brain on Board program sponsor, The Toyota Canada Foundation (TCF), and program partner, The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Civic Holiday weekend and to remind drivers to be safe on Canadian roads.

To mark the long weekend, Brain on Board has released the third public service announcement (PSA) in a series of PSAs for the newly launched vehicle safety education program. Entitled Mom, the PSA is a follow-up to the two PSAs, @ the Dealership and Your New Ride, released in June.

The new PSA continues the storyline of a young man sharing with others the philosophy that safe driving includes knowing that your brain is your vehicle's most important safety feature.

TCF and TIRF would like to thank all the groups that have expressed interest in Brain on Board as well as to the radio stations across Canada that are playing the new program's PSAs.

Visit www.BrainonBoard.ca to learn more about the program that will be launching in its entirety in September aimed at informing the public of important vehicle safety features, their respective benefits, and ways in which the features work in conjunction with safe driving practices.