Nissan Canada debuts LEAF Nismo RC and NV passenger van at 2012 Montreal Auto Show

Nissan LEAF Nismo RC
NISSAN CANADA - Yesterday, Nissan Canada presented the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC prototype for the first time in Canada and, the all-new Nissan NV Passenger Van for the first time in North America. The debuts at the 2012 Montreal International Auto Show are on either end of the automotive spectrum and highlight Nissan Canada’s broad range of innovative products and technologies.

“Bringing new technologies and exciting vehicles to market is an important part of our commitment to delivering innovation for all,” said Jean-Luc Lemire, Director of Sales and Operations for Nissan Canada Inc. “Over the next few years, we will continue to increase and improve our offerings to Canadians, including innovation in every segment, an average of 15 technologies per year and a strong focus on sustainable mobility.”

Following the success of the Nissan LEAF passenger vehicle, Nissan has moved into the racing world to demonstrate the untapped potential of electric vehicles. At the MIAS, Nissan presented the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC prototype, its first appearance in Canada. The powertrain is a 100% zero emission advanced Lithium-ion battery design, just like that found on the world’s first mass market all-electric vehicle. As indicted by the “RC” – for Racing Competition – this purpose-built prototype brings new meaning to the term “Racing Green.”

“After the successful launch of our most-researched product in North-American history, we are growing our commercial vehicle lineup with the addition of the Nissan Passenger Van, another great example of how this innovative vehicle can be customized for a variety of applications,” said Lemire.

Just one year after its entry into the commercial vehicle business in North America with the segment-changing Nissan NV commercial van series, Nissan is expanding the lineup with the debut in spring 2012 of a new NV3500 HD Passenger Van. Offered for both personal and fleet use, the 4-row/12-passenger Nissan NV3500 HD features the most flexible seating configurations in the full-size passenger van segment, along with one of the highest standard horsepower and torque ratings.