Nissan Canada opens LEAF reservations to general public

NISSAN CANADA - Yesterday, Nissan Canada announced it will open its online reservation system to the general public for the remaining allocation of its model year 2012 Nissan LEAFs. Previously only available to those registered on www.nissan.ca/leaf, reservations are now open to all Canadians who live within the vicinity (65 km) of the 27 Nissan LEAF certified dealers across Canada.
The first allocation of 40 MY11 Nissan LEAFs were snapped up within minutes this summer and the momentum continued with the first 350 MY12 reservations made available earlier this fall. With the opening to the general public, even more Canadians will have the opportunity to buy the first all-electric car built for the mass market.
"The feedback we've received from Nissan LEAF owners in Canada has been incredible with many sharing their journey and experience through social media," said Judy Wheeler, Director of Marketing, Nissan Canada. "As more people live with and share their experience of all-electric mobility, particularly with the Nissan LEAF, more and more Canadians will consider this as an exciting option for their next vehicle. Opening reservations to the broader public is an important step in the roll-out of the car in Canada."
As of the end of November over 110 Nissan LEAF have been delivered to customers in Canada and globally, over 20,000 Nissan LEAFs have been sold. At a starting price of $38,395, the Nissan LEAF is eligible for provincial rebates of $8,500 in Ontario, $8,000 in Quebec and $5,000 in British Columbia.
Online Reservation Process:
·         On December 12th online reservations opened to those living within the vicinity of a Nissan LEAF certified dealer at leaf.nissan.ca.
·         A $99 reservation fee (fully refundable) is required to secure a reservation.
·         After booking a home-charging assessment, customers will receive an invitation to order a Nissan LEAF.
·         Customers request a quote from a local Nissan LEAF-certified dealer and will continue through the sales process until they drive away in their own Nissan LEAF.