Maserati selects Ubigi to offer integrated Wi-Fi on board

Maserati is the most recent FCA brand to offer Wi-Fi on board thanks to Transatel's brand for the connected car: Ubigi. The Ubigi service for Maserati is available on all MY21 models and is to become a staple feature for all cars sold in Europe.

Ubigi's connectivity services enable Wi-Fi on board via a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which can connect up to 8 devices at once, contributing to a seamless digital passenger experience. Uninterrupted high-speed connectivity enables streaming for infotainment, voice assistance, and access to Maserati Connect, the brand's proprietary program offering value-add services that enhance the experience for the Maserati owner.

Maserati offers customers of these new models in Europe a complimentary trial plan of 3GB over 3 months. The data bundle includes the option to purchase additional data top-up packages or subscription when desired: the Maserati owners have the choice between two data plans to better suit their needs, either via a one-off payment, or via a recurring monthly subscription. Data plans can be used anywhere while driving through all EU27+UK+CH countries.

Ubigi, a Transatel brand, provides connectivity at local rates, manages customer and retailer relations and support, and enables the payment process for data bundle purchases. End users can seamlessly manage their Ubigi account within the selfcare application, accessible via any device. The multi-lingual selfcare application enables account management, user registration and payment, among other features.

Marie-Julie Le Guen, Head of Retail Services at Transatel: "I take great pride in the trajectory of our Ubigi brand, quite unique in the world of connected services. Today, I'm excited to see the service introduced to Maserati clientele, one that is most accustomed to luxury and keen to experience impeccable service. Their experience will be of the utmost importance to drive brand evolutions for the future.

Transatel, a member of NTT Group, is the technical enabler behind Ubigi's customer-facing service. Transatel's design of the customer journey for this connected car service is the result of close to 20 years' experience in marketing telecom offers directly to end users worldwide.

The longstanding partnership between Transatel and FCA Group started in 2017, with Transatel delivering the technical solution behind the Mopar Connect on board unit launched in 2018, which was distributed in the EU29 after-market, targeting both the Business-to-Business (B2B) market (such as car rental firms) and the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) market. In 2019, FCA Group again chose Transatel's 4G architecture for their Global Connected Vehicle Ecosystem.