The redesigned 2014 Toyota Tundra has what it takes to conquer “Highway Thru Hell”

TOYOTA CANADA - When big rigs suffer big spills on some of Canada’s most terrifying and isolated highways in inclement weather, the ultra-challenging work to get the road open again makes for some fascinating television.

It’s why Discovery Canada’s “Highway Thru Hell” – filmed along the highways of the Coquihalla and Fraser Canyon in British Columbia – is the television network’s number-one series debut.

As a tough, capable, and reliable full-size pickup truck designed to handle its own fair share of heavy work on rugged Canadian roads, the new redesigned 2014 Toyota Tundra is the perfect sponsorship match for the popular made-in-Canada reality series.

The sponsorship of the program involves TV ads, TV billboards and website coverage. The 2014 Toyota Tundra will also become part of the Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue team’s fleet. The first episode of this coming season of Highway Thru Hell airs on September 3, running for a total of 12 weeks.

The 2014 Tundra offers a choice of five grades with multiple cab and bed configurations and two powerful yet fuel-efficient i-FORCE V8 engines. It offers the biggest front brakes of any full-size half ton pickup, the segment’s only standard knee airbags, one of the segment’s largest cabins (on CrewMax models), competitive towing and hauling capability, and an impressive list of standard safety features and technologies.