Test drive the all-new 2013 RAV4 in the palm of your hand

TOYOTA CANADA - You can now experience the power and performance of the all-new Toyota RAV4 in the palm of your hand. Thanks to a new "augmented reality" application that can be downloaded in both English and French, smartphone and tablet users can take the RAV4 for a spin in a simulated world that has snowy winter streets, hot summer pavement and everything in between. You can follow the RAV4 as it drives through the countryside or through the city – all just by simply maneuvering your mobile device.

You can also explore the premium interior and stylish exterior of the RAV4, seeing it all from every possible angle. In addition, key information is seamlessly integrated with text pop-ups to let the user learn about some of the RAV4's great features, such as a new rear liftgate with available power and adjustable feature, or how the RAV4's 2.08 cubic metres of cargo space can accommodate your gear.

The all-new, Canadian-made RAV4 is built to play, offering a winning combination of a fun-to-drive spirit, versatility and efficiency, along with inspired styling and performance. It features a new 6-speed sequential transmission, available Dynamic Torque Control All Wheel Drive (AWD) system, and other upgrades to improve performance and handling.

To download the new RAV4 Augmented Reality App, visit rav4playground.ca on your smartphone or tablet.