Nissan Canada Foundation to donate all-electric Nissan LEAF to Sun Youth organization

NISSAN CANADA - Today, Sun Youth will accept the keys to an all-electric Nissan LEAF, donated by the Nissan Canada Foundation which has been a reliable partner of Sun Youth since 1996. The Nissan LEAF is a fully electric, five-passenger car, and will be used in Sun Youth's Disaster Assistance program. Since the 1970's, the Disaster Assistance program has been on the scene of fires and major disasters in the Greater Montreal area, ensuring that vulnerable families have food, hygiene products, shelter, and assistance in restoring order to their lives. The LEAF is the first to be donated by the Nissan Canada Foundation to a charitable organization, and it is Sun Youth's first electric car. Together, both organizations are offering an example of how we can take steps toward conserving our environment.