Toyota Canada celebrates its commitment to environmental sustainability with range of Earth Week activities

TOYOTA CANADA - Whether it's offering an ever-growing array of eco-friendly hybrid vehicles or implementing green standards for waste diversion at corporate offices, environmental responsibility is a priority every day at Toyota Canada.

Earth Week also provides a great opportunity to demonstrate that action today, creates results for tomorrow. Toyota Canada has a number of special activities planned, including:

· Each weekday from April 17 until April 23, the personal story of a first-time hybrid owner is being featured on Toyota's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/toyotacanada. Also on those days, one environmentally-themed trivia question about Toyota vehicles will be communicated via Twitter (@ToyotaCanada).
· For the past five years, Toyota associates have participated in collecting e-waste and items for donation, resulting in more than 45,000 pounds being diverted from landfill. This year, the goal is to collect 2,200 pounds of diverted wasted on two donation days, April 18 and 23.
· On April 19, Toyota Canada associates will be in the local community for a "20-minute clean-up". Last year 44 bags of debris were collected. This year, the goal is to increase the number of bags collected by 20 per cent.
· On April 22 (Earth Day), a refreshed and revised environment section will be launched on www.toyota.ca.
· Also on April 22, the Toyota Canada Foundation will announce the 20 Earth Day scholarship winners.
· There will also be print advertising on April 22 in La Presse, Maclean's and 24, to promote Toyota's hybrid vehicles.
· Environmental blogger Nikki Fotheringham will be driving a 2013 Prius v for the week of April 17–23, and will blog and tweet about the experience. Follow the blog at www.facebook.com/toyotacanada and tweets via @ToyotaCanada.
· An innovative project launched between Toyota Canada and MyCarma making available an easy to plug-in tool that captures driver behaviours. Based on driving patterns, the tool allows for fuel cost comparisons among Toyota vehicles, allowing consumers to make an informed vehicle choice based on their own real-life driving patterns .

Also of note, Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) offices across Canada participated in Earth Hour last month by turning off all non-essential lights. For the first time, that also included turning off both the Toyota and Lexus pylons at Toyota's head office in Toronto, making TCI the first Toyota building in North America to do that.