Toyota Canada records 67% sales increase for June 2012

TOYOTA CANADA - New models across all three brands drove June sales of Toyota, Lexus and Scion passenger cars, SUVs and trucks to 19,104 – up 66.6% versus June 2011. This included a new June record for trucks across all three brands – a 39.9% year over year boost to 7,738. June marked a strong finish to the first half of the year for Toyota Canada Inc, which reported sales of 98,032 vehicles – up 24.1% compared to the first six months of 2011.

Toyota sales highlights for June 2012 (vs. June 2011)

·        Toyota sales: 16,957 (up 70.1%)

·        Toyota passenger car sales: 9,979 (up 103.5%)

o        Yaris Hatch sales: 943 (up 246.7%)
o        Yaris Sedan sales: 353 (up 152.1%)
o        Canadian-built Matrix sales: 1,559 (up 83.2%)
o        Canadian-built Corolla sales: 4,177 (up 72%)
o        Camry sales: 1,583 (up 50.5%)

·        Toyota truck sales: 6,978 (up 37.9%) :: New June record

o        Canadian-built RAV4 sales: 2,300 (up 71.1%)
o        Tacoma 4x4 sales: 788 (up 50.4%)
o        4Runner sales: 242 (up 47.6%)
o        Tundra 4x4 sales: 618 (up 38.3%)
o        Venza sales: 1,005 (up 27.7%)
o        Sienna sales: 1,308 (up 18.4%)

·        Toyota hybrid sales: 1,657 :: Hybrids represented 8.7% of all Toyota June sales

o        Prius family sales: 1,033 :: Prius family sales break 1,000 for fourth straight month
o        Camry Hybrid sales: 312 (up 845.5%)
o        Hybrid models accounted for 40.4% of Toyota's June sales in the intermediate car segment
o        Prius c sales: 272 :: Prius c represented 16% of Toyota's June sales in the subcompact segment

"Early this year we predicted that 2012 would be The Year of the Hybrid at Toyota – and at the halfway point, Canadians have embraced Toyota hybrids in impressive numbers, with 7,857 sold," said Tony Wearing, Senior Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc. "Beyond hybrids, Canadians have been visiting dealerships in record numbers to purchase new models such as the Camry and Yaris Hatch, which demonstrate Toyota's renewed commitment to emotional vehicle design."

Lexus sales highlights for June 2012 (vs. June 2011)

·        Lexus luxury sales: 1,340 (up 48.4%)

o        Lexus luxury hybrid sales: 235 :: New June record :: luxury hybrid sales represented 17.5% of Lexus June sales

·        Lexus luxury passenger car sales: 580 (up 33.6%)

o        GS series sales: 81 (up 1057.1%) :: New June record
o        CT 200h sales: 136 (up 385.7%)
o        ES series sales: 174 (up 8.8%)

·        Lexus luxury SUV sales: 760 (up 62.0%)

o        RX / RXh sales: 694 (up 59.9%)

"The next-generation 2013 GS 350 exhibits the new face of Lexus – with distinctive design and passionate performance – and Canadian guests are telling us they love it," noted Larry Hutchinson, Senior Executive Director. "We look forward to welcoming more Canadians as our guests with exciting new luxury vehicles such as the redesigned ES 350 and first-ever ES hybrid."

Scion sales highlights for June 2012 (vs. June 2011)

·        Scion sales: 807 (up 34.9%) :: Best-ever single month sales

·        FR-S sales: 410 (first month)

"There's no doubt that Canadians were excited about the launch of the Scion FR-S – an authentic sports car designed to reignite its owner's passion for the drive," said Larry Hutchinson, Senior Executive Director. "With aggressive styling and performance to match, the FR-S headlines an exciting summer ahead for Scion."