New models and hybrids power Toyota Canada Inc.’s sales in March 2012

TOYOTA CANADA - Toyota Canada Inc. sales were powered by fuel efficient hybrids and robust passenger car sales in March to cap a strong quarter for all three brands.

·        Sales of 17,342 Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles in March 2012 helped TCI to first quarter results of 40,386 – representing growth of 11.6% year over year.

·        TCI Q1 passenger car sales up 13.4% in March, to 10,384 :: Q1 sales up 23.6% to 22,852

·        TCI hybrid sales (Toyota & Lexus) were up 93.3% to 1,819, for the best ever March. Hybrids accounted for 10.5% of all vehicles sold in the month.

·        TCI sales were down 1.9% March YTD.

Toyota sales highlights for March 2012 (vs. March 2011)

·        Toyota Hybrid sales: 1,556 (up 166.9%)

o        Prius Family sales: 1,039 (up 214.8%)
o        Prius c accounted for one quarter of subcompact sales
o        More than 40% of Toyota's mid-size passenger car sales were hybrids

·        Toyota Car sales: 9,212 (up 12.5%)

o        Camry/Camry Hybrid sales: 2,022 (up 116.7%) :: Camry remained the best-selling mid-size passenger car in Canada for the 5th-straight month.
o        Yaris Hatch sales: 671 (up 55.7%)

"Canadians look for fuel efficiency and value in a vehicle – and they're finding it with Toyota's proven line-up of affordable, fuel-friendly, advanced technology hybrid vehicles," said Tony Wearing, Senior Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc. "With five hybrid vehicles on the market – including the very versatile Prius v and the Highlander Hybrid mid-size SUV – Toyota has a hybrid for every need and we anticipate 2012 going down in history as the Year of the Hybrid."

Lexus sales highlights for March 2012 (vs. March 2011)

·        Total Lexus sales: 1,288 (down 8.8%)

o        Lexus luxury cars: 713 (up 7.5%)
o        GS 350 sales: 144 (up 1,100%) for best ever March
o        LX sales: 46 (up 142.1%)

"There's no question that the redesigned 2013 Lexus GS 350 has injected new passion into the Lexus lineup – with guests attracted to the new levels of performance, style and luxury that define our brand," said Larry Hutchinson, Senior Executive Director. "Lexus luxury passenger car sales are up 17.2% in the first quarter, and hybrids accounted for one out of every five vehicle we've sold. With more new and updated models on the way we look forward to introducing more Canadians to the new face of Lexus."

Scion sales highlights for March 2012 (vs. March 2011)

·        Total Scion sales: 459 (up 48.5%)

o        xD: 69 (up 23.2%) for best ever March
o        tC: 164 (up 28.1%) for best ever March
o        iQ: 114 (first year of sales)

"Small vehicles deliver huge character and expression – when they carry a Scion badge on the hood," noted Larry Hutchinson, Senior Executive Director. "Scion has enjoyed a great first quarter with 1,102 vehicles sold – including 263 iQ micro cars – outselling competitors in the segment. We look forward to building momentum in 2012 with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Scion FR-S."