FHI introduces the 2013 Legacy and Outback at New York International Auto Show

FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES - Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, last week announced that it will showcase the 2013 Legacy and Outback (US specifications) at the New York International Auto Show (Press day: April 4 and April 5; Open to the public from April 6 through April 15). Those two models will be introduced to the US market this summer. 

The product concept of 2013 Legacy and Outback is "All performance enhancement" that covers designs, fuel efficiency, driveability and safety. In pursuit of further evolution that greatly exceeds customers' expectations, FHI has developed the 2013 Subaru Legacy and Outback with more extensive modifications than a typical yearly model change. The modifications are not limited to exterior and interior changes. The Legacy and Outback-like sporty driving feel with comfort and peace of mind were further refined. The new generation Horizontally-Opposed Boxer engine that features in both models for 2013 improves fuel efficiency. While maintaining a top level safety assessment, the new models feature Subaru's original advanced driving assist system "EyeSight" for the first time in North America. "EyeSight" was previously introduced in Japan and Australia markets and has received very high reputation. 


By adopting the headlamps with the motif common with other Subaru vehicles and a hexagon grille that conveys wideness, stability and sharpness in the front face, a sporty and sophisticated image is expressed. The new front grille and bumper design accentuates both models' uniqueness, providing a sharper look for the Legacy and more powerful look for the Outback. 

With the design concept of "Sportiness" and "Luxury", quality and functionality were improved. Two types of grain were newly adopted for the instrument panel, door panel and shift knob: one for Legacy and the other for Outback. The grain was also added to the shift knob for a harmonized interior design. The new Electro-luminescent meter with color LCD was adopted for the upper trim levels. The color LCD corresponds to the newly introduced "EyeSight". Those modifications enhance both the visibility of the indicator and product appeals. 

Fuel Efficiency 

To satisfy the increasing demands for environmental consciousness and fuel efficiency, the new generation Boxer engine was newly adopted for the 2.5 liter models. By combining the light and compact second generation Lineartronic (CVT), first introduced in the new Impreza, fuel economy was further improved. 


Low to mid speed torque centers on manageability in practical use and was improved by the adoption of the new generation Boxer engine and the second generation Lineartronic (CVT). High fuel efficiency and engine output were both achieved. Suspensions were also revised to further refine the unique driving experience of the Legacy and Outback: they are fun to drive, giving a secure driving feel, excellent stability in straight line driving and good cornering performance. Body vibration is kept to a minimum and better maneuverability was also achieved due to the setting change of damper and spring rate, reinforcement of the cradle frame and the body structure. 


Subaru's renowned crash safety performance, which receives excellent evaluations, has been enhanced by the addition of body reinforcement and the design change of airbag. Moreover, the Subaru's original advanced driving assist system "EyeSight" is now introduced to North America. It features "Pre-Collision Braking Control", "Pre-Collision Brake Assist System", "Adaptive Cruise Control with all-speed range tracking function" and "Lane Sway Warning", providing drivers with more comfortable driving situations. 

The Subaru press conference is scheduled at the Subaru booth on April 5, 2012 at 9.55h. 

FHI will pursue further growth by offering customers "Enjoyment and Peace of Mind", its brand statement "Confidence in Motion" at the foundation, through all processes in product planning, development, marketing and service operations.